About Us


Kuhn Orchards is located in Adams County Pennsylvania’s scenic Fruitbelt region, about seven miles west of Historic Gettysburg.  The orchard is family owned and operated by Sidney Kuhn, the fifth generation of her family to farm the same land. Her parents, David and Mary Margaret Kuhn, are also involved in operating the farm.

On just over 100 acres of our 340 acre property, we grow over 20 acres of apples, over 50 acres of peaches and nectarines and small amounts of:

Apples from our farm
peaches on the tree at our farm
the strawberry patch at our farm

In addition to what we grow, we have neighbors who process our own fruit into products like cider, jams, canned peaches, applesauce, apple butter and dried apples.

We are proud to supply a wide variety of the highest quality fruit and vegetables to the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC farmers markets we attend.  We are also proud to bring quality fruit to winter produce delivery participants and our wholesale customers who run farm markets of their own.