Winter CSA and A La Carte Web Store


Even though we are bringing the best peaches, berries and tomatoes to the farmers market, it’s that time of year to start thinking about your Winter CSA and Winter Produce Pick-Up options.  The Kuhn Orchards Winter CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and A La Carte Web Store are a great way to enjoy flavorful and local produce throughout the winter months.  We hope one of our two options will suit you.  If you have any questions please call the office (717-334-2722) or email

Kuhn Orchards offers two produce pick-up options from early November through the end of April: a traditional CSA Membership and an A La Carte Membership to shop in the Kuhn Orchards Web Store.  CSA Members will receive a standard CSA box of produce and farm goods every other week.  A La Carte Members can place customized orders through our Web Store.  We deliver CSA boxes and A La Carte Web Store orders every other week to Vienna and Lorton, Virginia.  Both options provide great ways to enjoy flavorful local produce throughout the winter months.

Please be sure to read through the details below for the Winter CSA and A La Carte Web Store.  The Member Agreement & Policies Tab below contains additional pick-up details and membership expectations.

Farmigo Winter CSAOur Winter CSA keeps your kitchen full of flavorful produce all winter long!  Every box we bring features $35 worth of produce and farm goods.  It’s the ideal option for those who enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables and like exploring new foods!

We deliver CSA boxes every other week, so if you are unavailable to pick up the box on delivery day, you will need to notify us and make other arrangements.

Keep in mind, every CSA member receives an identical box during each delivery.  In order to keep the CSA a great value, we cannot provide for substitutions of box contents.  If you are more interested in placing customized orders where you choose the produce and farm goods you will receive during a delivery, then our A La Carte Web Store may be a better option.

Each CSA box contains a balanced variety of 6 to 8 items, including fruit, vegetables and farm goods, so you will not be overwhelmed with too much of one item.

Every CSA box includes two apple varieties totaling about five pounds. Throughout the winter, you may find Honeycrisp, Gala, Ambrosia, Fuji, Pink Lady, GoldRush, Crimsoncrisp, Stayman, York, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Idared or Mutsu in your box.

Throughout the season, CSA boxes may also include:



For the majority of the winter, your CSA box will feature a fruit in addition to apples, such as, Asian pears, Bosc pears, Frozen berries and Cranberries!



Every CSA box will include one or more of our farm goods:  Apple cider, applesauce, canned peaches, fruit jams, apple butter, dried apples and honey.



Kuhn Orchards will grow a variety of vegetables for CSA boxes:  Carrots, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, beets, onions, garlic, shallots, parsnips, kohlrabi, rutabagas, sunchokes and Thanksgiving herbs, and asparagus and rhubarb in the spring.  Our neighbor farmers are able to supply a few additional vegetables, such as lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale.  However, depending on productivity and germination success, some vegetables may be limited or unavailable entirely.


There are different start dates for the different delivery locations, and your CSA memberships will be priced accordingly:

  • Vienna:  13 deliveries x $35 = $455
  • Lorton:  12 deliveries x $35 = $420

When you enroll in the Winter CSA you can Pay-in-Full, or you can opt to pay half when you enroll and half on February 1.  We can accept the following payment methods:

  • Check
  • Electronic check (using your bank account and routing numbers)
  • Credit/Debit card (Visa and MasterCard accepted)

All account funds and credits must be utilized by the last delivery day.  No refunds may be issued.

When a pick-up date is approaching, Winter CSA members may visit the Web Store to select add-on items such as milk, meat, eggs, additional produce or farm goods.  These add-on items may be paid for online at the time of purchase, or members may select “Pay-By-Check” to indicate that they will pay-at-pick-up; when paying at pick-up, members may pay by cash, check or credit card.


To encourage members to enroll early, we will give members credits to use in our Web Store.

If you sign up by the end of October, and pay in full for the entire CSA season, we’ll give you $10 to spend in the Web Store.

Web Store credits are perfect to purchase additional fruits and vegetables and other items like eggs, meat, and milk to go along with your CSA box.



Farmigo A La CarteOur A La Carte Web Store is the perfect option if

  • you want to place customized orders where you choose the produce and farm goods you will receive at the delivery,
  • you want to place an order only occasionally over the winter,
  • you will be traveling during the winter and won’t be available for each scheduled pick-up.

You are not obligated to place an order for each delivery; however, you are more than welcome to place an order for each delivery date.


  • Sign up to receive our e-newsletter.  We’ll inform you when it’s time to place an order and let you know what is available for purchase.   If you receive our newsletter all winter long and never place an order, that’s fine with us.  The decision to place an order is completely up to you.
  • Browse our web store.
  • Create an account with us.  It will save all of your contact information and pick-up location so it’s one less step you have to take when placing future orders.
  • Select your produce and farm goods and place your order.
  • We’ll send you a confirmation email that we received your order, and send you a reminder email a day or so prior to pick-up.
  • Pick up your produce on the scheduled Saturday.
  • If something comes up after placing your order, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may properly cancel your order.




Apples are available in half bushel boxes (22-25 pounds of apples and limited to four varieties per box) and five pound bags (limited to 1 variety per bag).  You can also purchase bags of Asian or Bosc Pears and containers of frozen berries.



We sell all of our jarred goods like applesauce, apple butter, canned peaches, fruit jams, and honey in the Web Store.  We also have our apple cider, dried apples, plus milk, eggs and meat from neighbor farmers.



We have plenty of veggies to keep you stocked and cooking all winter long!  Onions, Potatoes, Sunchokes, Sweet Potatoes, Winter Squash, Carrots and much more.


There is no cost to receive our e-newsletter.  You become an A La Carte member when you place your first order and create an account.

It is completely up to you when you place an order and how much you purchase.

When you place your order in the Web Store, there are a variety of payment options:

  • Credit/Debit card (Visa and MasterCard accepted)
  • Electronic check (using your bank account and routing numbers)
  • Check (you will want to select this option if you want to pay-at-pick-up; we will accept cash, check or credit)


Enroll in the Subscription that Suits Your Schedule & Palate

We want to make sure you fully understand the program in which you are enrolling, so please review the detailed descriptions in the tabs above for the Winter CSA and the A La Carte Web Store before signing up.

Review Pick-Up Locations & Dates

When you enroll in the Winter CSA or place your web store order, please select from one of our two pick-up locations (the sidebar on this page describes each location and pick-up dates & times).  Your online account will contain directions and instructions for your pick-up location.  You will receive an email prior to delivery, and specific directions are included in this email as well.

Cancellations & Unavailable to Pick-up

Kuhn Orchards expects that individuals who enroll in the Winter CSA are committing for the entire delivery period: pick-ups every other week, starting in November through the end of April.

Cancellations and Refunds

Once you enroll in the Winter CSA, Kuhn Orchards will not refund the money on your account.   If some unforeseen circumstance occurs to prevent you from continued participation in the Winter CSA, please contact Kuhn Orchards directly and at your earliest convenience.

All account funds and credits must be utilized by the last delivery day.  No refunds may be issued.

Unavailable/Out of Town on Pick-Up Day

If you cannot pick-up your CSA box on the delivery day, notify Kuhn Orchards immediately.  If you know in advance that you can’t make the pick-up date because of preexisting plans, you may:

  • Ask another individual to pick up your box (no need to notify Kuhn Orchards).
  • Postpone receipt of your CSA box and receive two identical CSA boxes the following delivery.
    • Use your Farmigo account to put your box on hold by the Wednesday before delivery.  You will then receive double boxes at a later date, and Kuhn Orchards will communicate with you about this.
    • Call or email us before the delivery and arrange to receive two boxes the following delivery.
  • Request $35 in Farmigo Credits to use toward future purchases in the Web Store to make up for the missed CSA box.

If you do not wish to receive double boxes or the $35 in Farmigo Credits, then the CSA box will be donated to a food pantry.

Ensure That We Can Communicate with You

You will receive important communications from Kuhn Orchards.  Upon enrollment, please:

  • Provide a primary phone number where we can reach you on a Saturday morning if there are any changes to your pick-up.
  • Add and to your contacts.
  • Provide the contact information of household members who may pick-up your produce or anyone who is sharing with you, so that we can also contact them with any important updates.

Kuhn Orchards will not sell, distribute or use your email address for any means other than communicating with you specifically about the Winter CSA or A La Carte Web Store.

Half Shares are Not Available (but feel free to split your share!)

We do not sell half shares of CSA boxes, but please feel free to split a share with a friend or co-worker.  If you will share pick-up responsibilities, please make sure to include the name and contact information of the individual/family with whom you are splitting your share.

We cannot accept two credit card payments for one CSA membership, but you may select the “check” payment option and mail two checks.

Follow Appropriate Pick-Up Etiquette

If there are a number of members waiting to pick up their box or order, please understand that our employees are working as efficiently as possible to ensure that all members receive all of their items.  Please wait patiently and pleasantly.

If you are running late or unable to pick up your box or order: Prior to each delivery, you will be given the phone number of the delivery employee.  Please contact them directly if you are running late or unable to pick up your CSA box or order.  Note that the Kuhn Orchards office is not staffed on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings to take calls or check emails.

If you have not arrived 30 minutes before the end of the pick-up window, the Kuhn Orchards delivery employee will give you a courtesy call.  If he or she is not able to reach you, the employee is not obligated to wait for you.

If you are unable to make it to the Vienna pick-up location by 10:30am, you may meet us in Lorton to pick-up your CSA box or order.  We are unable to wait past 10:30am at the Vienna pick-up location in order to arrive at the Lorton pick-up location on time.

If you are not able to pick-up your CSA box/order by 1:00pm at the Lorton pick-up location, you may make arrangements with the Kuhn Orchards delivery employee to wait an extra 30 minutes as a courtesy period.  The employee will only wait during the courtesy period if they have confirmation from you that you are on your way to the Lorton pick-up location.

If you are not able to pick-up your box/order at all the day of delivery, we will contact you the following week to make other arrangements for you to pick-up your CSA box/order.

Our Inclement Weather Policy

If inclement weather such as snow, ice or sleet is expected along our route and travel is risky, Kuhn Orchards will notify members via email that we will postpone the delivery.  We may decide to deliver earlier or later in the week to avoid a predicted storm.  Either way, we will contact you as soon as we have made a plan of action.

Contact Us about Any Quality Control Issues

Kuhn Orchards takes great pride in the high quality fruits and vegetables that we grow.  If the quality does not meet your expectations, please contact us immediately.  Provide us with as much information as possible:

  • When you received the item
  • How you stored it
  • What specifically was wrong with the product (color, odor, taste, appearance)

With this information we may better understand the problem and determine an appropriate solution.

We want you to be content with the items you receive.   To make things right, we will offer either:

  • An equal replacement of the item (e.g. a jar of applesauce for applesauce),
  • A replacement of the item with an equally valued product (e.g. apple butter for applesauce), or
  • Apply credit to your account for future purchases in our Web Store for the value of the item.

Kuhn Orchards will not refund your account with credit to your bank/credit card, nor give you a check or cash.

Enjoy Your Online Membership Benefits!

  • 24/7 Account Access: Your online account through Farmigo allows you to put your box on hold, view order history and view directions and instructions for the pick-up location.
  • Secure payments:  Farmigo is a secure website and PCI Compliant, so your financial information is secure.

Please keep your Kuhn Orchards/Farmigo user name and password secure like you do others.  If you do lose your password, we can send you instructions to generate a new one.

Click on the Pick-Up Locations Map in the column to the right.  If you click on each location pin, a map with specific parking instructions will appear.


Saturdays, 8:00am – 10:30am
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
2589 Chain Bridge Road
Vienna, Virginia  22181

Please note that the church will be under renovations during the Winter of 2016-2017.  There will be equipment and supplies in the parking lot, and the Kuhn Orchards truck may not be in the same vicinity of the parking lot week after week.  We will notify you in advance if we are aware of any changes. 


Saturdays, 11:30am – 1:00pm
VRE Parking Lot
8990 Lorton Station Boulevard
Lorton, VA  22079