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Kuhn Orchards Customer Reviews and Testimonials

What People are saying about Kuhn Orchards

About our Fruit & Vegetables

“Your fruit is the best that we can get in Northern Virginia”

“You are my favorite stop at the farmers’ market and I appreciate all of the different things you include. Because they shop with me and can try the samples, my kids are now willing to try a greater variety (and larger quantity) of fruit thanks to you!”

“Your peaches are the best. We LOVE them!!!”

“I love your white nectarines. I waited with anticipation for their return and dread the end of the season!”

“Love your gooseberries – they make the best pies!”

“I love your peaches, plums and apples!”

“Keep up the good work. Your peaches are the best!”

“I love your selection and quality.”

“LOVE your fruit, employees are always pleasant regardless of weather conditions.”

“Thanks for the tip on how to tell if a nectarine is ripe! You’re the best!”

“Delicious fruit–I always buy your peaches and plums.”

“Always good quality produce and friendly staff. Thanks”

“Always those wonderful peaches, by the half-bushel! Plus, today, super-sweet green grapes, perfect Bartlett pears, and a quart of childhood-memory Concord grapes. Love your fruits.”

“By far the best quality produce of all the “name brand” sellers at local farmers markets in DC”

“My kids are calling the Fuji apples “candy apples” because they taste as good as candy!! We are going through them at record speed!”

“I think your products are excellent. I like being able to buy a box of apples or peaches for lower cost than per pound.”

“I love the Kuhn booth at the Vienna Farmer’s Market! ALWAYS the best peaches, I look forward to them all year. Love the apples in the fall.”

“Love the variety and chance to try new and “ugly” fruit with awesome taste.”

“Your fruit really is the best. Best peaches and apples, love the blueberries.”

About our Staff & Customer Service

“I always gravitate toward Kuhns. It’s such a nice market with super friendly people.”

“You do a great job. Everyone is friendly and I find it amazing you remember my name”

“We love your friendly and well-informed employees!”

“We love the market employees. Keep up the hard work and great food. Kuhn’s Rocks!”

“We appreciate shopping at your market stands. Your food is delicious and your employees are helpful and kind.”

“Love the Kuhn folks and their produce!”

“Your employees are competent and friendly.”

“Love getting advice when I see something new at the stand. Keep up the great work!”

CSA Reviews & Testimonies

“A friend & I shared a box for our first experience (I think I got more of it since I cook more) but if she doesn’t share next year, I’ll use it all myself!!”

“We really appreciate having the add-ons available. We’re cider junkies, and we understand that not everybody wants a half gallon every pick-up! Add-ons fix that little problem.”

“I was surprised the first week by how much was in the box, and some weeks it was too much for my family (and our eating habits). But, it seemed like a good value and I got used to expecting about the amount provided. I also learned to wait to shop for extras to fill in around what was provided.”

“The Winter CSA was ideal for our 2 person house – not an overwhelming amount of produce, but enough that we felt we were getting our money’s worth.”

“Mostly just right, especially the apple quantities. Some things I found I didn’t use quickly enough.”

“Generally thought the apples were the perfect amount to last 2 people through the 2 weeks, but found we had an overabundance of shallots and potatoes. Maybe we just don’t eat enough of those things, but fortunately they last for a long time if you store them.”

“I wound up giving away a few things when we had too much, but I like the quantities, and the fact that some of the stuff is in jars – that will be consumed over the next few months.”

“I belong to a veggie CSA during the summer & fall – and now with your CSA, I only have the month of May without a farm share. I really enjoy having a variety of what’s in season, grown nearby, and grown with care. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“Your canned peaches are not like any canned peaches I’ve ever eaten. There should be another name for them. Canned heaven, maybe.”

“I had lots of fun making soups with the various squashes (especially mixed with apples). I am a huge Kabocha squash fan now, and I’d never even heard of them before the CSA.”

“I found the Kabocha squash to be excellent and am now a big fan – it has replaced Butternut squash as my favorite squash.”

“LOVED the Kabocha squash! I hadn’t had one since I was a kid, so it was really fun to get those in the box. I can’t find them in my supermarket.”

“It was too much for the two of us, but it was great to share with members of our family, which was great for us to do.”

“Lots and lots of apples! We had a hard time figuring out what to do with them all. They were awesome though!”

“Hello Kuhn Orchards!

I can’t tell you how happy we have been with the CSA.  We enjoyed the apples all winter long, and ordered an extra half bushel every 2 weeks. I thought it would be too many apples, but by the next delivery date, we were always ready for more.  The few times I had to buy apples at the grocery store, we all could tell (even the kids) – the taste and texture of your apples is just far superior to the “cardboard” apples that are in the stores in the wintertime.”

“Your food was the highlight of our Passover table:

We used the apple butter and pumpkin butter to make our brisket, the squash went into a souffle that got the best reviews in years, the potatoes were used in a kugel that I will definitely make again, and we used Granny Smith apples for charoset that was a hit with the school kids who tried it.  Overall, the quality of the food was excellent!

I made crockpot applesauce every few weeks – I prefer mine unsweetened – and still have some in the freezer.  It is so easy to make and tastes great.

My husband and I have both been watching our weight, trying to eat more fruits and veggies, and having an apple a day has been a great part of our weight loss.  Fresh fruit and vegetables have been the key for us, and having a new delivery every 2 weeks has really helped.

Thanks so much for offering the CSA.  We will continue to subscribe as long as we can! ”

– Jane, Vienna

“The Kuhn Orchard CSA kept our kitchen stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the winter, with the comfort of knowing the produce was local.

Some of the items in the CSA – such as jams and applesauce – have a long shelf life, which means we will still be enjoying Kuhn Orchard products even after the CSA ends.

Having fresh and local apples and pears through the winter made winter meals far more enjoyable and made my coworkers jealous!

The CSA box was always filled with the perfect ingredients for soups and I now have an entire list of delicious soups I made this winter and can’t wait to use next winter.”

– Colleen, DC

“We loved having Honeycrisp, Pink Lady and GoldRush apples all winter. The spring asparagus was out of this world! It was well worth the cost and we plan to participate again next year!”

– Dave & Darla, Vienna

“We were extremely happy with your CSA this past winter.  We have participated in other CSA’s and my husband says this is the best one yet! It is important to us to buy locally and eat “in season” when we can.   Since we visit your market regularly during spring & summer, it was nice to continue to get a variety of seasonal produce from you throughout the wintertime.  We look forward to participating again next year!”

Mike & Laura – Lorton

“Just wanted to say how much I have been enjoying this winter CSA!  It’s amazingly convenient, the crates are just fabulous, and I look forward to the emails every other week so I can get ready for the weekend…

The biggest hits at our house have been the Cippolini Onions, the Carrots, and, of course, the apples.  The chestnuts were also amazing!

Thank you so much for doing this!”

– Jen, Vienna

“Dear Kuhn family and friends,

I am loving the CSA this winter and just want to say thanks! I’ve been in a veggie CSA for ~10 years and I feel great about knowing who is growing my food, and appreciate the care and thought you put into bringing it to my family. This makes a big difference. Everything is fresh and delicious. The extra goodies have been superb and I especially loved my canned peaches and pumpkin butter.

Keep up the great work!

Thank you”

– Carol and Joel,  Vienna