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Kuhn Orchards Customer Reviews and Testimonials

What People are saying about Kuhn Orchards

About our Fruit & Vegetables

“Your fruit is the best that we can get in Northern Virginia”

“You are my favorite stop at the farmers’ market and I appreciate all of the different things you include. Because they shop with me and can try the samples, my kids are now willing to try a greater variety (and larger quantity) of fruit thanks to you!”

“Your peaches are the best. We LOVE them!!!”

“I love your white nectarines. I waited with anticipation for their return and dread the end of the season!”

“Love your gooseberries – they make the best pies!”

“I love your peaches, plums and apples!”

“Keep up the good work. Your peaches are the best!”

“I love your selection and quality.”

“LOVE your fruit, employees are always pleasant regardless of weather conditions.”

“Thanks for the tip on how to tell if a nectarine is ripe! You’re the best!”

“Delicious fruit–I always buy your peaches and plums.”

“Always good quality produce and friendly staff. Thanks”

“Always those wonderful peaches, by the half-bushel! Plus, today, super-sweet green grapes, perfect Bartlett pears, and a quart of childhood-memory Concord grapes. Love your fruits.”

“By far the best quality produce of all the “name brand” sellers at local farmers markets in DC”

“My kids are calling the Fuji apples “candy apples” because they taste as good as candy!! We are going through them at record speed!”

“I think your products are excellent. I like being able to buy a box of apples or peaches for lower cost than per pound.”

“I love the Kuhn booth at the Vienna Farmer’s Market! ALWAYS the best peaches, I look forward to them all year. Love the apples in the fall.”

“Love the variety and chance to try new and “ugly” fruit with awesome taste.”

“Your fruit really is the best. Best peaches and apples, love the blueberries.”

“I found the Kabocha squash to be excellent and am now a big fan – it has replaced Butternut squash as my favorite squash.”

“Having fresh and local apples and pears through the winter made winter meals far more enjoyable and made my coworkers jealous!”

“We loved having Honeycrisp, Pink Lady and GoldRush apples all winter. The spring asparagus was out of this world! ”

“Many thanks for fantastic fruit!”

“Best apples in DC!”

“Great produce – friendly people”


About our Staff & Customer Service

“I always gravitate toward Kuhns. It’s such a nice market with super friendly people.”

“You do a great job. Everyone is friendly and I find it amazing you remember my name”

“We love your friendly and well-informed employees!”

“We love the market employees. Keep up the hard work and great food. Kuhn’s Rocks!”

“We appreciate shopping at your market stands. Your food is delicious and your employees are helpful and kind.”

“Love the Kuhn folks and their produce!”

“Your employees are competent and friendly.”

“Love getting advice when I see something new at the stand. Keep up the great work!”

“I’m a long time customer & always have a great experience visiting the Kuhn Orchards stand at my farmers market”