Farm Fresh Products


Several of these farm fresh products–like fresh flowers and chestnuts–grow right here at the orchard.  Other delicacies– like our ciders and jams– are made from the Kuhn Orchards fruit you love and trust!

Apple Cider

Our cider is pressed at a local mill (Kime’s) from a mixture of our own apples! There are no preservatives or sweeteners added—just pure apple juice. We sell our cider by the half gallon, pint and quart. It’s a tasty and refreshing treat on a warm day!

Dried Apples

Dried apples are a popular snack item.  Enjoy them out-of-hand or incorporate them into your favorite muffins or granola.



If making applesauce seems like a daunting task, try some of our applesauce.  The sauce is made from a pure blend of Jonagold apples and both our “Sweetened” and “Unsweetened” varieties are delicious!  It’s so good, your friends will think you made it.

Apple Butter

Our apple butter has added sugar and spice for an old-fashioned flavor and makes a great addition to your breakfast toast.

Canned Peaches

Our own Bounty peaches jarred in a light syrup. Save some for a taste of summer in the middle of winter.


Our Chinese Chestnuts are produced on our massive 50-year-old trees. Chinese Chestnuts are sweet-flavored and produce large nuts in the fall. Chestnuts can be eaten hot from the roaster, or added to soups, stuffing and desserts.

Cut Flowers & Farmer Bouquets

We grow a variety of cut flowers (whatever is in season!) that we sell by the stem or pre-arranged bouquet. Some of our specialties include sunflowers, lilacs and peonies.


Harvested and bottled by the beekeeper who brings the hives to our farm to pollinate our fruit trees.


These traditional and unique varieties are processed from our own fruit. Check out our wide variety: from Strawberry Rhubarb Jam to Blue Italian Plum Jam to Red Raspberry Peach Melba Jam.