Pop's Perspective: Our Early Peach Crop

Hear from Dave talk about our 2016 peach crop. Even though we had a few cold nights in April, we are very happy to have a crop to bring to our Farmers Markets.

Anthony's Approach: Determining When to Harvest Apples

Join Anthony, our Production Manager, in the Fulford Gala orchard. He'll show you the crop, and how we determine when to pick the apples. We hope to be picking our Gala next week and bringing them to the Farmers Market.

How to Pick a Perfect Peach at Farmers Market

Learn from Dave what to look for when selecting Peaches and Apricots at market.

Pop's Perspective: Mid June Crop Update

Rewind to our previous Pop's Perspective...... Dave re-visits the Apricots and Plums. It looks like we are still in the running for a really nice crop! You can also take a look at our cherry crop; Sweet Cherries will be making a small appearance at market this weekend, and Pie Cherries (aka Tart Cherries) still have some reddening to do, but will be back at market in about 2-3 weeks. The Blueberry patch is starting to look pretty as clusters start to turn hue.

Pop's Perspective: Our Apricot Crop -- 2015

Dave talks about our 2015 Apricot Crop. Apricots are a sensitive crop because their bloom is so early, therefore there is a potential to loose the crop with a spring cold spell. But it looks like we will have a nice crop of apricots. We had good pollination "set" and the apricots are sizing up nicely. At the end, Dave also talks about where we stand with our Strawberry harvest.

Working the Soil for Spring

Now that the ground has finally thawed and dried out a little, we are busy prepping the soil for spring plantings. See how we disc, rotovate, make beds, and lay plastic and irrigation lines. We are very fortunate to have new equipment that works so much nicer than the antiques we've used in the past! Looks like were "Team Green!"

Introducing Kuhn Orchards' A La Carte Web Store!

Walk through this tutorial outlining Kuhn Orchards’ A La Carte Web Store so you can make purchases all winter long! We deliver on a bi-weekly basis to Vienna, Lorton and DC, November/December thru the end of April.

In the Kitchen with Mary Margaret: Apples

Learn about a few of the varieties of apples that we grow, and how Mary Margaret Kuhn cooks with them. In the peak of our season, we bring 15 varieties to market, and there is a new variety each week. All of the apples that we grow have spectacular flavor and are varieties that you cannot typically find in the grocery store. You can sample all of our apple varieties at market and decide which ones you like best!


Pop's Perspective: Picking Gala

Learn how we carefully pick Gala apples, place them in the padded picking bag, and then empty them into the bin. It's important that we pick our Gala today because they are prone to cracking when it rains; we are expecting a rain storm in a few days. And check out the old-time tractor that we still use. Dave doesn't remember this tractor being any color other than "rust." We run our equipment til the end around here!

How to Peel a Peach

Hear the opinions of Mary Margaret, Diane and Dave as they show you how they peel peaches. Remember, they've had LOTS of practice peeling peaches. Practice makes perfect!

Pop's Perspective: July Farm Tour

Take a farm tour with Dave. You'll see where he's been pruning our cherry trees, take a look at one of our sunchoke plantings and asparagus planting. He'll also show you some of our summer apples which we will soon be harvesting. Plus take a look at some plums that will soon be ready to pick and bring to market.

Mini FarmTour - June 27, 2014

Take a farm tour of Kuhn Orchards with Dave. He'll give you an update on some of our crops, show you our pre-Civil War barn with Mary Margaret, and chat with you about our raspberries and blackberries. Enjoy!

Pop's Perspective: Apples - Fuji, Pink Lady and GoldRush

Learn about our use with ExtendDay in our Fuji block. ExtendDay is a thin reflective plastic that we tried for the first time to achieve higher color apples. Dave talks about some of our training practices in our high density trellis system. In this block we are growing lots of varieties of apples, but the particular one we are looking at here is Pink Lady. Finally, we are in the "arch" trellis of GoldRush (which is also where Sidney and Anthony were married in April) where Dave talks about our pheromone mating disruption to decrease the pressure of insects like Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit Moth.

Pop's Perspective: Grapes

Hear Dave talk about our grape planting on one of our three preserved farms. He talks about the steep slope and poor soil which grapes are bountiful on. Dave also talks about the landscape that surround this farm - it is by far one of the best views! He encourages everyone to try the different varieties at Farmers Market to see which flavor profile you like best.

Pop's Perspective: Peaches: In the Midst of Peach Season

Listen to Dave in our Bounty and Cresthaven orchard. He talks about the importance of irrigation and summer pruning to grow large, high blushed peaches.

Cherries: It's a love-hate relationship

Visit our two cherry orchards with Dave. He'll tell you why we have a light cherry crop this year, why it is important to net our cherries, and how we try to control the size of the cherry tree.

Pop's Perspective: Strawberries

Dave Kuhn, affectionately called "Pop" by his daughters, Rachel and Sidney, is talking about our strawberry production. He'll take you to 3 of our strawberry fields, including our Everbearing strawberries which produce the fabulous late season strawberries. Please excuse the background noise of the tractors, and Mother Nature's birds, but hey....they are both good things on the farm!