There’s more to fruit jelly than PB & J!

Try some of Kuhn Orchards jams & jellies with these different ideas!

Instead of buying seven different varieties of flavored yogurt and having to do a balancing act to get them stacked in the fridge – go the more economical route.  Buy a big container of plain or vanilla yogurt and blend in a heaping tablespoon of your favorite jelly variety to add flavor and a little sweetness to your yogurt.  

There are also muffin recipes that call for a dollup of jelly in each muffin.  You can even mix & match the varieties so it will be a flavorful surprise every time!

Try the Apricot or Peach Jam as a glaze on your next pork roast.

Add a spoonfull of jelly to your oatmeal in the morning.  

Blend some jam with olive oil and vinegar for a unique vinaigrette.

Share your favorite jam & jelly uses with us!

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