Summer Crop Update

It is starting to look like summer – at least crop-wise!  We are starting to harvest our berries – Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Red Currants.  We are currently only harvesting our blackberries from a single row in our high tunnel, so we have a very limited supply.  We will definitely have more blackberries later in the season.  Since this week was our first picking of many of our berries, our quantities are limited, so be sure to get them early at market.
We are about ready to wrap up our June-bearing Strawberry season.  But remember, we grow the ever-bearing variety Seascape so you will see strawberries again later in the summer. We are only picking 1 of our 3 Asparagus patches (the other 2 need to take a rest!) so after this weekend we’ll have limited quantities for the next couple of weeks. GoldRush apples are almost all gone from the storage – so get them this weekend before we run out!
We harvested a mountain of Garlic Scapes, plus Easter Egg & French Breakfast Radishes this week.
We have been holding our breath since bloom time in April to see what impact the freezing (20 degree) temperatures had on our stone fruits (peaches, plums, etc), and now that we are approaching harvest time, it is very apparent that we lost a lot of fruit. Our Apricots trees are barren.  We don’t see any Japanese Plums on the trees and we might (emphasis on might) have a few Blue Italian Plums, but they have a long time to go before they are harvested. And there are so few sweet cherries on the trees, that it will cost more money to harvest them than we can sell them for. But fortunately it looks like we have at least a 50% crop of peaches and nectarines. We will not find out what effect the cold weather will have on the quality of the fruit that is still on the tree until we begin harvest. You may see some mis-shapen, or ugly fruit at market this year, but we’ve always felt that flavor is more important than looks anyway.   We hope to share with you a full story next week in a Pop’s Perspective video.
Even though we’re extremely disappointed that many of our stone fruits will not have a crop this year (we love to eat plums and cherries as much as you do!!) we feel very fortunate to have the crops that we DO have. And we are looking forward to the market season ahead!

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