Whatcha Munchin’, Sandy?

20160628_112320This market season Sandy is going to 4 markets a week.  That is a lot of markets for one individual.  So she’s on the run quite a bit, and needs yummy food that transports well.  She’s been enjoying the summertime peaches two ways while at market:  1) oatmeal with peaches and 2) yogurt with peaches.  She says her oatmeal is cool by the time she gets to market, and her yogurt isn’t quite cold enough, but it’s all still delicious.
Not to step in on Sandy’s Whatcha Munchin’, but have you tried overnight oatmeal?  It is the best!  I’ll make 5 days worth at a time, and the best part is, no stove-top or oven is required.  (That’s an “oh-thank-goodness” from someone who doesn’t have AC in their home!)

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