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Apple Varieties Available for Winter CSA and Monthly Apple Delivery

Fuji Appearance:  Red with a yellow background color, slightly lopsided with small russets (textured spots). Flavor Profile:  Extremely sweet and firm. Uses:  Our best storage apple of our sweet varieties.  A favorite apple for eating fresh. Who’s Favorite:  Mary Margaret  Pink Lady Appearance:  Vibrant pink skin with white flesh. Flavor Profile:  Tart and sweet flavor with a champagne fizz.  […]

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Produce Items You Could See in Your Winter CSA Box (2013/2014)

Apples (two varieties) Sunchokes Spinach Bosc Pears Horseradish Carrots Asian Pears Cider Parsnips Potatoes Applesauce Salsify Sweet Potatoes Apple Butter Asparagus* Onions Pumpkin Butter Rhubarb* Garlic Dried Apples Shallots Honey Winter Squash Eggs (from our neighbor) Chestnuts Heads of Lettuce (from our neighbor)   *Obviously, we will not be able to bring to you our […]

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