One Peach. Two Peach. Yellow Peach. White Peach.

As you’ve probably noticed at our farmers markets, we bring different colored peaches and nectarines.  Often times, we are asked “What’s the difference?” or “Which one is better?”  And really, it depends on your taste preference.  Kuhn Orchards grows high acid yellow peaches and low acid white peaches (and the same goes for our nectarines too).  High acid yellow peaches will have a sweet, yet tangy flavor.  Low acid white peaches will have a sweet flavor as well, but with a more mild undertone.

Peach (and nectarine) trees are bred by nurseries to have different harvest windows.  It is very important for Kuhn Orchards to have peaches that ripen at different times so that we can bring you fresh juicy peaches for up to two months.  If we only grew one variety of peach – we would only be able to bring you peaches for maybe a week to 10 days.   Now, wouldn’t that be sad?!

So we have carefully selected an array of peach varieties based on their appearance, flavor, and ripening date. 


peach crate

We grow yellow peaches that are high in acid – meaning they have a sweet and tangy flavor.  You can visually identify these peaches by their yellow color with a orange to red cheek, and their flesh is bright yellow.  The white peaches we grow which are low in acid have the sweeter and milder flavor.  You can tell them apart from yellow peaches because their skin is a reddish-purple color.  Their flesh is white and sometimes with pink lines in the flesh. 

As far as cooking or preserving peaches and nectarines – both white and yellow varieties will hold up with processing or baking.  For preserving, you may need to add vinegar or lemon juice for low acid white peaches to help increase acidity and kill any bacteria.  And for anyone who has acid reflux or a sensitive stomach (babies and toddlers, for instance), low acid white peaches would be the recommended variety to enjoy. 

Donut peaches are a “newer” peach to hit the market, and it has certainly become popular!  Donut peaches are the perfect snack size; they are slightly smaller than a traditional peach.  

You know when a peach is good when you bite into it and immediately have juice dripping down your chin and you are in such shock of the sweet juicy flavor that you have to lean over to prevent getting a mess on your shirt!  That’s a good peach……That’s a Kuhn Orchards peach!  Donut peaches, are just as juicy and delicious, but they are a little “cleaner” to eat.  You can enjoy a Donut Peach during your lunch break with friends, and not be fearful that you will look like a 5 year old trying to enjoy your peach!

Intimidated or not to get a sticky-peach face, you are sure to find your favorite tree-ripened peach at Kuhn Orchards’ Farmers Markets!

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