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Whatcha Munchin’, Rachel? Seedless Grapes

Seedless Grapes Rachel says that the seedless grapes are super convenient as a snack or perfect to throw in a lunch box.  “I like the red, green and purple varieties.  Each has its own flavor profile!”   You all may not recognize Rachel’s picture, and that’s okay; she’s not a regular market attendee.  But you […]

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Whatcha Munchin’, Scott and Adam? French Filet Beans

Scott says “Fresh-from-the-garden French filet beans enhance any main course, whether its beef, chicken or fish.  Usually sautéed, they remain crunchy and the slight addition of olive oil, salt and pepper really help to define their taste.  Add a touch of crumpled walnuts or candied pecans for some extra crunchy sweetness.” Adams enjoys his French […]

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Lodi Apples crop

Whatcha Munchin’, Dave? Lodi Apples

Dave’s munching on Lodi or Transparent Apples.  We’ll…he’s not munching on them raw*.  Lodi or Transparent apples are super tart and are excellent for making applesauce.  He says that it is the only apple that both of his grandmothers used for making applesauce.  Since they are so tart, you need to add lots of sugar […]

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Whatcha Munchin’, Mary Margaret? Fuji Apples!

Fuji Apples   Mary Margaret loves Fuji apples.  They are super sweet and Fuji apples are red with a yellow background color, and their shape is slightly lopsided (because of its York parentage) with small russets (textured spots).very juicy!  Fuji is an excellent apple to store over the winter months, as it continues to sweeten up. […]

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