Whatcha Munchin’, Sidney, Neil, Kat and Emiliano? Blueberries!


Since there are so many Kuhn Orchards Farmers Market Employees that love our Blueberries, it was hard to select just one, so they are all featured for the Blueberries!!

Sidney loves our Chandler Blueberries.  We grow many varieties of blueberries to extend the growing seaons, and many of them are tricky to tell one from another.  However, the Chandler blueberries can be picked out from the rest with out a problem.  They are HUGE!  Chandler typically grow to be the size of a quarter or larger.  They are plump and sweet & delicious!  

Kat enjoys eating these berries fresh.

Neil has a little bit more of a sweet tooth and tops his ice cream with the berries.

Emiliano loves munching on blueberries at work.  Whenever we’re packing blueberries and Emiliano walks through the packing house, he’ll grab a hand-full with a big smile on his face and say “Thank you!!”

blueberries b


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