Whatcha Munchin’, Scott and Adam? French Filet Beans


Scott says “Fresh-from-the-garden French filet beans enhance any main course, whether its beef, chicken or fish.  Usually sautéed, they remain crunchy and the slight addition of olive oil, salt and pepper really help to define their taste.  Add a touch of crumpled walnuts or candied pecans for some extra crunchy sweetness.”

Adams enjoys his French filet beans with sliced shallots, sea salt, cracked pepper and butter.

Did you know….
The purple French filet beans will turn green when you cook them.  Some customers have told us that their kids (or grandkids) call them “Magic Beans” because of the purple to green color change.  Have fun with the kiddos and have them help make “Magic Beans.”  Maybe they’ll gobble them up for dinner this week!!

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