CSA Box: 2/23/2013 – Fuji apples

This week, CSA members will enjoy:

Fuji apples


Appearance:  Red with a yellow background color, slightly lopsided (because of its York parentage) with small russets (textured spots).
Flavor Profile:  Extremely sweet and firm. 
Uses:  Our best storage apple of our sweet varieties.  A favorite apple for eating fresh. 
Who’s Favorite:  Mary Margaret

GoldRush apples
Appearance:  Yellow apple with orange blush.  Russets (textured spots) decorate the skin. 
Flavor Profile:  Firm, juicy, and tart, some say it has a winey flavor. 
Uses:  Excellent storage apple.  Best eaten fresh, but cooks nicely too.
Who’s Favorite:  Sidney

Bosc pears

bosc pears
You may refridgerate your bosc pears, however if you would like them to continue ripening, we recommend that you keep them on the counter.  Bosc pears do not turn soft – they still have a slightly crunchy texture when fully ripe.  When they are ripe, their skin will turn from a brown to a lighter gold, but they will still have a dark rough russet on their skin.  


Delicious and sweet!  Perfect in yogurt, on top breakfast cereal, and to sweeten tea.  My husband takes a “shot” of honey before and after a long run as it is claimed to be an instant engergy booster and helps to reduce muscle fatigue 

Share your favorite recipe with us!
White Eggs
We purchase eggs from Weikert Egg Farm.  The Weikert family raise free-walking hens which are fed soy beans, corn and alfalfa silage (ground alfalfa).  If you have purchased meat as a CSA add-on, we procure the meat from the Weikerts as well.  
Crisp heads of lettuce from Brendt’s Berry Farm.  They are a neighbor grower in Fairfield, PA (about nine miles away) and they grow hydroponic lettuce.  The Brendt’s grow different varieities of lettuce – Butterhead, Red & Green Leaf “salad’ bowls,” Mixed Variety, Tropicana, Green Leaf, and more.  You can be sure to try a different variety each time!

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