How about ’em Honeycrisp?

HCTop Two Comments at the Farmers Market:
1) Boy!  Those peaches are delicious!
2) When will you be harvesting Honeycrisp?

HC on Rome 4

Honeycrisp apple trees. The Honeycrisp bud wood was grafted onto old Rome trees. The trees are huge.

Our Top Two Replies at the Farmers Market:
1) Thank you!  They do taste good, don’t they?
2) By early September we should be harvesting our Honeycrisp.

Customers have been loving our summer apples, but there’s no comparison to the popularity of our Honeycrisp apples.  Folks just love that snappy crunch, sweet and tangy juicy bite.

We anticipate having Honeycrisp apples at market by Labor Day Weekend.

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