How to Select Strawberries at Market

strawberries m

1) Select strawberries that are firm; you do not want any with soft spots at the tip or around the green leafy caps.

2) You want the flesh to surround the seeds, i.e. the seeds should not be sunken into the flesh.  The firm but plump flesh is a sign that the berries were picked at the peak of ripeness.  

3) Select strawberries that are deep red and not a light pink.  You also want to avoid white tips – this is an indication that the strawberries were picked prematurely.

4) When in doubt – smell.  The berries should be sweet and fragrant.

5) If you’re still on the fence, ask a market employee if you may sample a strawberry.  

Kuhn Orchards takes great pride in the quality of berries that we bring to market.  We ensure that you will be happy with the quality and flavor of the strawberries which you select at the Farmers Market!

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