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Whatcha Munchin’, Mary Margaret?

Mary Margaret is munchin’ on our Everbearing strawberries. Don’t let these strawberries fool you at market. They are UGLY.  They are tiny and cracked.  Some are knobby and mis-shapen.  They are just not attractive like traditional June strawberries. But MY-OH-MY, are they flavorful!! Dave said, “They are so tasty, they will make you cry!”  (I […]

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Crop 101: Raspberries

We grow an array of raspberry varieties and colors. We grow both summer-bearing and fall-bearing red raspberries. Summer-bearing raspberries (also known as floricane-fruiting) produce fruit on one year old canes (the fruiting branches or wood) that are overwintered from the previous year.  Our harvest season for summer-bearing red raspberries is typically from mid-June to the […]

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Mini-Flat Special

The Mini Flat Specials has been a huge hit at the Farmers Market.  It is definitely the bargain of the season at Kuhn Orchards. This weekend’s Mini Flat includes: 2 Blackberries (pints) 2 Raspberries (half pints) 1 Seedless Grape (pint) 1 Blueberry (pint) Regularly priced, this bundle of berry and grape goodness would cost $31.75, […]

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Whatcha Munchin’, Sandy? Gooseberries!

Sandy enjoys eating gooseberries fresh because she likes their tart flavor.  Gooseberries are also excellent made into jam.  Or try making a sauce, adding some honey and topping it on vanilla bean ice cream. Here are some more Gooseberry Recipes. Our production of gooseberries has really increased this year, and they are sweeter this year (but […]

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Whatcha Munchin’? Blueberries!

We are in the peak of our blueberry season and from the sounds of it, we’re only half way through!  Yippee!   Blueberries are probably one of the easiest fruits to eat and incorporate into your daily meals.   Kat enjoys eating blueberries fresh out of hand, and also blended in smoothies. Diane says that […]

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Whatcha Munchin’? Strawberries!

    Strawberries!! It’s finally strawberry season at Kuhn Orchards!  We’re harvesting daily and the berries look, smell, and taste great!  It’s time to whip up all of your favorite strawberry desserts, hull & freeze some berries to throw in smoothies later in the season, and make up some strawberry jam (or you can just […]

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