Whatcha Munchin’, Mary Margaret?

20160729_140901Mary Margaret is munchin’ on our Everbearing strawberries.
Don’t let these strawberries fool you at market.
They are UGLY.  They are tiny and cracked.  Some are knobby and mis-shapen.  They are just not attractive like traditional June strawberries.
But MY-OH-MY, are they flavorful!! Dave said, “They are so tasty, they will make you cry!”  (I was a little skeptical that they were THAT good.  Tears were close though.)  And here’s a tip when you are judging these berries:  the bronzier the color, the better they taste.
Mary Margaret likes to blend the strawberries with her stick blender and then add a couple of scoops of ice cream “or yogurt, but ice cream is way better, especially at nine o’clock at night!”  Then blend again and enjoy a cool and refreshing milkshake.  Or you can prep your strawberry puree, put it in the freezer for a bit and then blend with the ice cream for an even thicker milkshake.

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