Garlic Scapes

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This week we will be bringing Garlic Scapes to market.  And you will definitely notice them at our stand because they are quite a unique looking item!  But first, let us tell you what they are.

Garlic Scapes are the edible flower stalk of the garlic plant.  We harvest the stalks from the garlic normally in June – but we’re a little early this year because of the early spring.  It is necessary to harvest the scapes so that the plant puts all of its energy into growing a large garlic bulb instead of the flower.

Garlic Scapes are very versatile and a definite conversation piece.  You can sauté the scape with vegetables, add it to a boiling pot of pasta, or grill and then incorporate into spreads for a hint of smoky garlic.  You will want to keep your garlic scapes in a perforated Kuhn Orchards bag and in the crisper drawer.

Or if you are more attracted to their decorative stance – place a few bunches in a low vase for a whimsical center piece, or add a few stalks to a flower arrangement for a touch of unique curly Qs.

Either way….Garlic Scapes are a Kuhn Orchards “Spring Time Must Try!”

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