CSA Box: 4/6/2013 – York Apples & More

This week CSA members will enjoy….

York Apples



Appearance:  Red skinned with lopsided/ “parallelogram” shape

Flavor Profile:  Tart and firm, with a good old fashioned flavor.

Uses:  Excellent for baking as it will keep its shape.  Stores well.

Pink Lady Apples



Appearance:  Vibrant pink skin with white flesh.

Flavor Profile:  Tart and sweet flavor with a champagne fizz.  Very crisp. 

Uses:  An excellent storage apple.  Enjoy eating Pink Lady fresh out of hand.  When baked, Pink Lady will soften, but will keep its shape. 

Bosc Pears

bosc pears


Bosc pears are sweet and on the crunchy side.  Slice some thin and add them to a ham sandwich for a little crunch.  When you are making a batch of old fashioned oatmeal, add them to the water or milk before bringing to a boil.  They will be soft once the oatmeal is finished cooking.

Dried Apples


Our dried apples are a great snack to eat on the go or a healthy snack to leave on the kitchen counter and nibble on throughout the day (instead of the leftover Easter candy!!).   Let’s say you aren’t ready to eat your dried apples — just put them in the refrigerator and they will stay fresh.  If you have already opened them, just make sure the bag is sealed tight to preserve the freshness.  Our dried apples have a soft and chewy texture; they are not meant to be like an apple “chip.”


We strive to make jam preserves with unique flavors that you may not find at the grocery store.  All of our jams and jellies are made with our own fruit, and there is no added flavoring….its all natural & the way its meant to taste!


Our potatoes are a semi-thinned skin and are a great all purpose potato.  Perfect for roasting, mashing, boiling for soups, or baked.  
Head of Lettuce


We procure our lettuce from Brendt’s Hydrogreens based out of Fairfield, PA (just down the road from us!).  They grow all of their heads of lettuce hydroponically.  The lettuce will keep for a long time in the fridge if you keep it in the plastic clam shell.  Did you forget about it in the back of the crisper drawer?  No worries; put the roots in a glass of cool water and the leaves should perk up.  

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