CSA Box: 3/23/2013 – Fuji Apples & More

This week CSA members will enjoy:

Fuji Apples



Appearance:  Red with a yellow background color, slightly lopsided (because of its York parentage) with small russets (textured spots).
Flavor Profile:  Extremely sweet and firm. 
Uses:  Our best storage apple of our sweet varieties.  A favorite apple for eating fresh. 
Who’s Favorite:  Mary Margaret

GoldRush Apples



Appearance:  Yellow apple with orange blush.  Russets (textured spots) decorate the skin. 
Flavor Profile:  Firm, juicy, and tart, some say it has a winey flavor. 
Uses:  Excellent storage apple.  Best eaten fresh, but cooks nicely too.
Who’s Favorite:  Sidney


Bosc Pears

bosc pears


I made Mary Margaret’s Honey Cake with Caramelized Pears for Easter dinner last year.  When you are caramelizing the pears, keep an eye on the sugar and use a thick bottomed pan or skillet; the fine line between caramelized and burnt will sneak up on you quickly.  The Bosc pears will soften, but still keep their shape and density.  

Applesauce (unsweetened)

I went to a coffee shop with some girl friends a few weeks ago, and tried their baked oatmeal bar.  I was expecting it to be served just cold and on a plate (which I would have been content with).  However, they served it hot with warm milk.  Delish!  So I started thinking that these baked oatmeal bars would be a good fix for a quick breakfast.  So I did some searching, and found a recipe for baked oatmeal (these are actually in muffin tins, not bars) that used applesauce.  




With the warm weather slowly creeping in, we have been trying to enjoy as much soup as possible.  I made a broth based Potato Leek Soup that was very rich and savory.  But I’m not going to share the recipe with you yet until we are able to harvest our leeks (they aren’t quite big enough).  Share your favorite winter soup recipe with us!




A number of CSA members have mentioned that they love cutting the Sunchokes in bitsize pieces and then roasting them.  They are easy to pop in your mouth as a warm snack or appetizer.  There is also a recipe on Epicurious for Fried Sunchoke Chips with Rosemary Salt.  Just incase you are looking for a new way to prepare your Sunchokes.  




We procure the lettuce from Brendt’s Berry Farm & Hydrogreens.  Their farm and greenhouses are located a few miles away in Fairfield, PA.  They grow a variety of lettuce and since the lettuce is harvested so recently, it is amazing how long it will keep in the fridge.  To help keep the lettuce hydrated, wrap a moist papertowel around the roots and keep the container closed and in the fridge.

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