CSA Box: 2/9/2013 – Braeburn Apples & More

This week CSA members will receive:

Braeburn apples
Appearance:  Yellow skinned apple with a pinkish-red blush and russeted (textured spots).Flavor Profile:  Mildly tart, juicy, crisp, and very firm. 

Uses:  Good all-purpose apple:  eaten fresh, pies, sauce, baked.  Stores well.

Who’s Favorite:  Dave

Pink Lady apples
Appearance:  Vibrant pink skin with white flesh. Flavor Profile:  Tart and sweet flavor with a champagne fizz.  Very crisp. 

Uses:  An excellent storage apple.  Enjoy eating Pink Lady fresh out of hand.  When baked, Pink Lady will soften, but will keep its shape. 

Who’s Favorite:  Anthony

Dried apples
Dried apples are a great just as a snack or can be incorporated into your meals.  Often times we will leave an open bag on the counter at work, and the bag quickly disappears.  Chop the dried apples and add to muffin batter or yogurt.  Seep a few slices in a fruity-flavored tea or hot mulled cider with a cinnamon stick!
Fresh Pressed Cider 
The cider is getting pressed today! This batch is made from Jonathan and Braeburn apples, and then a bin of mixed apples (Honeycrisp, Stayman, Pink Lady, Mutsu, etc.) for a touch of sweetness.
I recently made “Shallot-Sage Accordion Potatoes” (recipe by Martha Stewart).  And I did quite a few substitutions, so the recipe is very flexible!  Instead of sage, I used dried rosemary, and instead of shallots, I minced some garlic and onion to stuff the “accordion.”
red and yellow onions
We will be including the last of our Red Zeppelin Onions and will be moving on to our Copra onions. 
My husband made an awesome carrot soup and I wanted to share the recipe.  When I asked him where he found the recipe, he pointed to the laptop.  I looked and there were 4 carrot recipes displayed on the screen.  “So which one?” I asked.  “A little from them all” was the response!  So just Google “carrot soup” and you’ll probably find one you like, or you can piece one together!  I’m looking foward to making a Ginger, Crasin & Carrot salad this week.  
Crisp heads of lettuce from Brendt’s Berry Farm.  They are a neighbor grower in Fairfield, PA (about nine miles away) and they grow hydroponic lettuce.  If you have ever been on Epcot’s Living with the Land ride, the Brendt’s use similar production technology.  

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