CSA Box: 1/26/2013 – Honeycrisp Apples & More

This week CSA members will enjoy:

Honeycrisp Apples
Appearance:  Red blushed, with a creamy yellow background colorFlavor Profile:  Blended sweet-tart flavor.  Exceptionally juicy and crunchy.  Our most popular apple.

Uses:  Honeycrisp is best eaten fresh out of hand, or chopped for salads.  Some of our customers enjoy adding a Honeycrisp apple to a pie for a little bit of natural sweetness. 

Stayman Apples
Appearance:  Dark red skin, large sized apple, white flesh.Flavor Profile:  Firm and juicy with a mildly tart and rich flavor. 

Uses:  Great all-purpose apple:  eaten fresh or used for pies, sauce, baked, etc.  Has a long storage life. 

Bosc Pears
bosc pears
The Bosc Pear is a large russeted pear with white flesh and a rich, delicious flavor.  Bosc Pears must ripen off the tree.  You can tell when they are ripe as their skin turns from a brownish green to a golden hue, and the flesh around the stem will wrinkle slightly.  
Our carrots are sweet and crunchy and store well.  Enjoy them fresh on a salad or roast them with other root vegetables and onions.
Sunchokes have a sweet nutty carrot-like flavor.  They are delicious raw, or can be roasted or pureed for soup.  Share with us how you’ve been enjoying your Sunchokes.  
garlic bulb
Garlic is a staple in every kitchen!
Our white potatoes are excellent in all forms – roasted, mashed, baked, scalloped & more!
We will bring a handful of jam varieties, and you may choose one; first come-first serve.
Jam is a great way to add diversity to your breakfast.  Add a spoonful to your yogurt or oatmeal; or you can go the more traditional route and spread some on your toast or muffin.  

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