CSA Box: 1/12/2013 – Gala Apples & More!

This week Winter CSA members will enjoy:

Gala apples
Appearance:  Yellow background color with a light red stripped blush. Flavor Profile:  Very sweet and flavorful.
Uses:  Best eaten fresh out of hand or in salads.
Who’s Favorite:  Kids!  Gala tend to be on the small side and they are perfect for the lunch box.  You’ll be sure that not much apple will be wasted since they are the perfect size and quickly/easily consumed. 
Braeburn apples
Appearance:  Yellow skinned apple with a pinkish-red blush and russeted (textured spots).
Flavor Profile:  Mildly tart, juicy, crisp, and very firm.
Uses:  Good all-purpose apple:  eaten fresh, pies, sauce, baked.  Stores well.
Who’s Favorite:  Dave
Half Gallon of Cider
Unsweetened Applesauce (new!)
Last year we had our first batch of apple sauce made from our Jonagold apples.  We had sweetened and unsweetened applesauce made.  The unsweetened applesauce flew off the shelves at market, so we are excited to be able to provide the popular unsweetened applesauce in the CSA boxes!
Sweet Potatoes
This will most likely be the last week for our Porto Rico sweet potatoes, so we hope you have enjoyed them.
Cippolini Onions
cippolini onions 600px
Dozen XLG Eggs
If you haven’t yet tried Weikert’s eggs as a CSA add-on, you are in for a treat.  The Weikert family raise free-walking hens which are fed soy beans, corn and alfalfa silage (ground alfalfa).

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