Kuhn Orchards – Farmers Market Update [early August] – Bounty Peaches and More!


Farm News


Early August 2011


2011 Farmers Market Schedule

Fairfax – Van Dyck Park on Old Lee Highway
May 2 – October 25
8:00 AM – Noon


Crystal City – Crystal Drive between 18th & 20th Streets
May 3 – November 25
3:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Oakton at the Oak Marr RECenter, 3200 Jermantown Rd.
May 4 – November 16
8:00 AM -Noon


Annandale – Wakefield Park, 8100 Braddock Rd.
May 4 – October 26
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM


NoMA – 1200 First Street NE (First & M Streets, NE)
June 1 – October 26
3:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Petworth – 9th St. NW, between Upshur and Taylor Streets
May 20 – September 30
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Fairfax – Behind the old Fairfax County Courthouse, 10500 Main St.
May 7 – October 29
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Vienna – Beside the Red Caboose – 131 Church St. NE
May 7 – October 29
8:00 AM – Noon


Washington DC – 14th and U Street, NW
May 7 – November 19
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Lorton – Lorton VRE Parking Lot, 8990 Lorton Station Road
May 1 – November 6
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM


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Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area.  

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Hello Loyal Farmers Market Customer,

In our last newsletter we mentioned that we were in the planning stages for a subscription-based winter CSA “Community Supported Agriculture” where we would bring produce and farm products to the Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia areas at a central location for the CSA subscribers to pick-up boxes of fruit and vegetables.  Last weekend at market we started handing out instructions on how to complete our CSA survey at SurveyMonkey.com.  Thank you very much to those of you who have already completed the survey!  We greatly appreciate your time, and value your input!  For those of you who have not yet completed the survey, here’s a reminder, and the website so you can go directly to the survey site.  The survey is 12 questions long and should take you about 10 minutes.  The survey is posted at SurveyMonkey.com/s/KuhnCSA.  Or you can go to our website and click on the link there.  Again, thank you, and as a sign of our appreciation, at the completion of the survey you will have the opportunity to print out a $5 coupon to use at Kuhn Orchards Farm Markets.  The coupon is good through September 15, 2011, and one coupon per customer, please.

Exciting news from the farm this week….we will have our first two good eating apples at market this week….’Zestar!‘ and ‘Gingergold’!  ‘Zestar!’ is an excellent apple for snacking and has a sweet-tart flavor and is crisp and juicy!  The ‘Zestar!’ apple has a rosey-red blush with a creamy yellow background color.  The ‘Zestar!’ apple was developed by the University of Minnesota breeding program. ‘Gingergold’ has pale yellow skin and sweet flavor, and is more resistant to browning when sliced than most varieties. ‘Gingergold’ was discovered growing among trees uprooted by Hurricane Camille (circa 1969) in a Virginia orchard in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its ancestors are the Golden Delicious and Albermarle Pippin apples.

We have excellent melons at market.  If you have not yet tried them, be sure to get one of our samples so you can figure out which you like best.  Right now we have ‘Sweet Beauty’ watermelons, ‘Canary’ Melons, ‘Pineapple’ Melons (an Ananas-type melon), Mini Cantaloupes, and ‘Butterscotch’ Melons.  We strive to grow all of our melons so they are personal-sized.  They fit easily into the fridge, can be consumed in one sitting, or try combining all of the melons to make a great fruit salad for a weekend picnic or family gathering.

And as many have been asking for weeks, “When are your tomatoes coming in??” we can happily tell you they are in now!  We will have consistent supply of our heirloom tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.  So bring out the basil and mozzarella, BLT fixings, or chicken or tuna salad for stuffed tomatoes, because they are in and delicious!  This year, we have over 25 varieties planted (a total of 1,100 plants!), so we are sure you won’t get tired of these incredible summer treats! Check out our Tomato Variety charts at market to identify your favorite.

We look forward to seeing you at market!!


David, Mary Margaret, and Sidney Kuhn
Sandy Lombardi, Katy Clowney, Rusty Lamb, Steve Donaldson


August at the Market….
Peaches, Berries, Melons, & Tomatoes!!

‘JohnBoy’ or Bounty Peaches (first of the true freestone peaches)
‘White Lady’ White Peaches
White and Yellow Nectarines
Donut Peaches – the donut peach season is soon coming to an end, so get them while we still have them!
Zestar! and Gingergold apples – these are the first good eating apples of the season!!! Sweet and tart!
Rambo apples – antique variety great for pies or sauce
Summer Mac apples
Satsuma Plums (red flesh, red skin)
Blue Italian Plums
Blueberries – Not many more to pick, so enjoy this week before they are gone!
Red and Gold Raspberries
Everbearing Strawberries
Heirloom Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes – mixes of Sungold, white, red and black varieties
Candy, Red and Cippolini onions
Shallots (Dutch red and yellow varieties)
Artichokes in limited quantities
Bitter Melons
French Filet Beans – green, yellow and purple
Mini Watermelons
Canary Melons
Pineapple Melons (an Ananas-type melon – similar to Cantaloupe, but with white flesh)
Mini Cantaloupes
Flower Bouquets
Dried Apples
Jams and Jellies

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