Whatcha Munchin’, Kat, Adam and Mary Margaret? Raspberries



Kat says, “Raspberries are beautiful….to look at on the way to my mouth!”  Yes, the Raspberries are truly summer-time jems.  Some varieties are bright pink and others are a darker-purpley color.  

Adam enjoys mixing Raspberries in Greek yogurt. 

On a side-note:  If you purchase the economy size container of yogurt, there are so many pros:
1) You can add your own berries or peaches and change the flavor depending on your liking.  
2) You won’t have another occurence of opening the fridge to see what flavors of personal-size containers are left, and thinking “Geez, I really don’t want the strawberry banana today…”  
3) You can add as much fruit to your yogurt as you like.  (Honestly….how many times have to eatten that little cup of yogurt, and thought, “I think there were two, maybe three blueberries in that entire cup!”)  Load up on the fresh fruit and antioxidants in your yogurt!

Mary Margaret will eat her Raspberries right out of the half pint box.  Or if she has a little more of a sweet-tooth, she’ll serve them over brownies and vanilla ice cream.  Sounds superb!  Now, the question is….does she share with Dave?!  



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