Mini Flat Special (newsletter)

We are selling Mini Flats at market through the rest of July. Our Mini Flats hold 6 pint or half pint boxes.  There is no need to pre-order.  You can just pick up the flat at go.

This weekend we are including one of each in the Mini Flat:
Blueberry (pint)
Red Raspberry (half pint)
Sweet Cherry (pint)
Blackberry (pint)
Apricot (pint)
Plum (pint)
If you were to purchase each one of these individually, you would spend $30.  We are selling the Mini Flats for $25.
Mini Flats are perfect because they give you a great variety of what we grow (all you need to do then is pick-up a bag of peaches and a jug of cider and you are good to go).  And there’s no decision making necessary!
Get your Mini Flat this weekend!

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