Whatcha Munchin’? (newsletter)

I couldn’t make up my mind who to feature in the Whatcha Munchin’ portion of the newsletter, SO, we’ll be featuring three of them!
Sidney and Diane are both munchin’ on Plums.
Sidney comments about Methley and Early Golden Plums (the two varieties we will have at market this week),
These are the first variety of plums that we pick each year. When they first come in the packing house, I can’t help but eat as many ripe ones as I can.  

They’re great bite-size plums so you can pop them in your mouth for a quick snack.
Diane says
Plums are best fresh-out-of-hand. I never remember now much I like them until I taste them again in July.
Dave is munchin’ on another great bite-size fruit — Apricots.
He says,
Slice or halve the apricots and place on the bottom of your breakfast bowl, then pour your cereal and milk on top.
We’ve had a really nice harvest of apricots, and hope to have them at market for another two weeks.  Dave also says that any fruit has the best flavor the day before it rots.  So put your stone fruit on the counter (peaches, nectarines, plums and apricots) on the counter, let them ripen for a day or so at room temperature and then devour the juicy goodness that only comes once a year!
If you can’t eat your fruit right away, be sure to store them in the refrigerator, and then take them out to finish ripening.

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