Enjoy Kuhn Orchards Produce through the Winter!!

There are a ton of ways that you can continue enjoying Kuhn Orchards produce throughout the winter!

First, and easiest option:  Purchase a half bushel of apples at the farmers market. 

There are a number of varieties which we recommend if you anticipate on storing your apples in the refrigerator for a long time.

apple box

Pink Lady

Are all great keepers and will last a long time in your refrigerator.

Second option:  Join the Monthly Apple Delivery Newsletter.

During the Winter, we will send a notice via email each month inviting you to place an order for a half bushel box of apples, cider, dried apples and jarred goods.  If the delivery date suits you, and you need to stock-up, then order a box of apples or other goods.  We’ll meet you for delivery at one of our CSA locations (Vienna, Lorton, or Washington, D.C.)  If you don’t need any apples, no biggie, you don’t have to place an order.  To receive the Monthly Apple Newsletters enter your email address in our “Email Sign Up” box on the left menu of our website.  

Third option:  Join the Kuhn Orchards Winter CSA Program.

The Winter CSA program is a subscription based produce delivery.  We make bi-weekly deliveries in Vienna, Lorton, and Washington, D.C.  You can reap the harvest through April enjoying apples, winter veggies, jarred goods, cider and more!  Membership for the Winter CSA is filling fast (we have almost 100 subscribers!), so be sure to get your application in soon!

If you have any questions about the Monthly Apple Delivery Newsletter or the Winter CSA, please feel free to ask any of our friendly market employees!!

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