Heirloom Pumpkins and Winter Squash

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We grow a wide variety of jack-o-lantern, pie and heirloom pumpkins; decorative gourds, and edible winter squash. A few of our favorites…

Butternut – Light tan-colored with small seed cavities. Flesh is smooth-textured with a unique sweet flavor.
Carnival – Hybrid acorn squash with colorful yellow, green and gold flecked skin. Will store for months.
Delicata – Sweet winter squash with elongated fruit that have a creamy background, striped with green.
Fairytale – French heirloom variety with a buckskin color. Large ribs contain thick flesh that is delicious.
Galues d’ Elysines – Salmon pink with beige sugar bumps, that resemble peanuts, covering its surface.
Jarrahdale –  Slate-gray color. A favorite of Australians because of its thick, sweet, orange flesh.
Kabocha – Bright, orange-red skin, is moderately ribbed. Medium-sweet taste, with extremely creamy flesh.
Long Island Cheese – Fruit is flattened, suggesting a wheel of cheese. Smooth, tan skin.
Lumina – White pumpkin. Globe shape with flesh that is bright orange, excellent contrast for carving.
Marina de Chioggia – Blistery, bubbled blue-green rind. Italian seaside specialty described as deliziosa.
One Too Many – Unique novelty pumpkin. Skin has red “veins” that crawl across a white background.
Red Eye – Large red pumpkin with excellent eating quality and decorative value.
Rouge Vif de Temps – French Heirloom. Shaped like a red cheese wheel. Moderately sweet orange flesh.
Sweet Meat – Good keeper with great tasting flesh & blue skin. Makes superior pies. A Northwest favorite.
Violina – Italian butternut type heirloom. Shaped like a violin. Rough tan skin. Deep orange, sweet flesh.
Winter Banana – Elongated pink/orange squash with thick, fine-grained, light flesh. Delicious flavor.
Zapalo Plomo – Small blue skinned ancient variety, recovered by the USDA seed bank. Claimed to be the item that provoked the thought for topaz colored jewelry for early native people.

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