Summertime Apples (newsletter)

We have a number of Summertime Apples:  Zestar!, Ginger Gold, Summer Mac, Dandee Red, and Summer Rambo.

Ginger Gold Apples
We are noticing that many of the apples have a characteristic called “water core.”  Water core is when the center of the apple has a patchy transparent or glossy appearance, and it is because the cells are saturated with water.  Remember the 12 inches of rain that we had a few weeks ago?  We are attributing the water core to the crazy amounts of rain that we received during a period of rapid cell division in the apple.
Apples with water core tend to be sweeter in flavor.  So, when you bite into an apple, or try a sample at market, don’t give it the stink-eye, just remember it’s water core.

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