Cooking Apples: A Note from Dave

Dave came to me first thing Monday morning, and said “I have something for the newsletter.”  I glanced at it and said “Great.  I need you to read it for me though.”  Here’s the transcript:

For those of you with limited cooking skills (includes me), a few tips now that more apple varieties are available.  Tart apples come thru with more flavor punch.  Use Cortland or Jonathan (how about it, Emmet?).  Stayman and York work well too.  Do no overlook Northern Spy – every slice will retain its shape in a pie or cake (try Jewish Apple Cake). Idared has the same properties.  

People ask what’s best for Fried Apples.  Use Jonathan. Mary Margaret used Crimson Crisp for this recipe last year and they worked just as well.  This is  quick and easy – even I can do it!


P.S. – remember to leave the hides on…that’s where the flavor is!

editor’s note:  Keep your eyes out for the Stayman, York, Idared and Northern Spy apples.  We will have them in the next few weeks.  We will be bringing Crimson Crisp this week, and our Jonathan apples are almost gone.  So, look forward to one of the other varieties that Dave has mentioned.

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