CSA Box: 4/12/2014 – York Apples & More

This week CSA members will enjoy:

York Apples
Appearance:  Red skinned with lopsided/ “parallelogram” shape
Flavor Profile:  Sweet-tart and firm, with a good old fashioned flavor.
Uses:  Excellent for baking as it will keep its shape.  Stores well.


Pink Lady Apples

Appearance:  Vibrant pink skin with white flesh.
Flavor Profile:  Tart and sweet flavor with a champagne fizz.  Very crisp.
Uses:  An excellent storage apple.  Enjoy eating Pink Lady fresh out of hand.  When baked, Pink Lady will soften, but will keep its shape.
Who’s Favorite:  Anthony


Asian Pears

Sweet and juicy.  Very aromatic flavor.



Crisp, refreshing flavor.  Having a chilly spring morning?  Warm some up in the microwave with an orange rind.

Dried Apples

Sweet and chewy.  100% dried apples – nothing else added!

Copra Onions
Perfect all around onions for sauteing, grilling, and all-purpose cooking

Watermelon Radishes

Enjoy fresh or raw.  Slice thin on a salad or braise as a side dish.


Vegetable Surprise!


We are outsourcing from the co-op and they aren’t sure of quantities, so you will have a surprise veggie in your CSA box on Saturday!

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