Winter CSA Enrollment: The Basics

We are very excited to announce that we are accepting Winter CSA Memberships.

Farmigo Winter CSAWe delivery CSA boxes to members during the winter months:  November/December thru April.  This way you can continue to enjoy locally grown produce when the farmers market isn’t in session.  A typical CSA box will include 2 varieties of apples (about 5 pounds in all), sometimes a few pears, veggies, like potatoes, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, squash, and farm goods like apple cider, canned peaches, applesauce, and jams.  Each CSA box costs $35.

We will be delivering to 4 locations this year

  • Vienna, VA (Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Chain Bridge Rd)
  • Lorton, VA (Lorton VRE parking lot)
  • Washington, DC (American Ice Company, V Street, NW), and new this year,
  • Fairlington, VA (Fairlington Presbyterian Church, King Street)

We are also offering early Winter CSA sign-up incentives. Depending on when you enroll in the Winter CSA, we’ll give you credit to spend in our web store to purchase additional items to go along with your CSA box. Sign up in….

  • August, and we’ll give you $15 credit
  • September, and we’ll give you $10 credit
  • October, and we’ll give you $5 credit

If you’d love to enjoy our fruit and veggies, but aren’t sure the Winter CSA is the best option for you, you can still purchase items from our web store, and we’ll deliver your order when we make CSA deliveries.

If you have any questions, please call (717-334-2722), email ( or talk to any of our Farmers Market Employees.

You can learn more about the Winter CSA and the A La Carte Web Store on our website.

If you are all set on the Winter CSA, please read the Member Agreement, and join the Winter CSA now.

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