CSA Box: 11/9/2013 – Empire Apples & More

Here’s what our Winter CSA members will be receiving in their first CSA box of the season!

Honeycrisp Apples


Sweet with a slight tang, super juicy and a market favorite!  Best eatten fresh. Store in the refrigerator.

Empire Apples


Tart apple good for baking or eating fresh.   Store in the refrigerator.

Bartlett Pears


Bartlett2 600px

Sweet and juicy.  When ripe they are yellow and the flesh is slightly soft.  (Though many people enjoy eating them when the skin is still a little green and the flesh is firm.)  You can eat them fresh or baked.  Store in the refrigerator; however, if you would like to let them ripen a little more, leave them on the counter for a day or until desired ripeness.  




We grow a round white potato and it is an excellent all-purpose potato.  Store in a cool dark location.


red and yellow onions


Yellow “Copra” Onions are a traditional onion, sweet yet pungent.  They store well in a cool dark location.




Classic robust flavor.  Store on the counter top or in a cool dark location.   



A CSA Member favorite!  We have introduced lots of people to sunchokes through the Winter CSA. Sunchokes are in the sunflower family and native to North America.  They have a sweet nutty carrot-like flavor.  Sunchokes are extremely versatile so be sure to experiment with them.  They can be eatten raw, such as on a salad, roasted whole and dressed with salt & pepper, olive oil and a favorite herb like rosemary or thyme, or roasted or boiled until soft and pureed into soup.  Keep sunchokes in the refrigerator and in plastic bag to avoid dehydration.

Speckled Hound Squash

speckled hound squash

A bi-colored heirloom squash with a smooth skin.  This heirloom squash has excellent flavor and is wonderful baked with butter, and your favorite seasonings. 



This is the first time ever that we have offered broccoli in our CSA box.  Our neighbor farmer has planted a variety of winter veggies specifically for the Winter CSA, so we hope you will enjoy the diversity of the veggies throughout the Winter CSA! 

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