Whatcha Munchin’, Katy? Sweet Potatoes



Sweet Potatoes!

Last year was the first year that we grew sweet potatoes, and we grew some monsters!  They were HUGE! This year we tried a different variety that tend to grow more uniform and reasonable sizes.  They are very sweet and tender.  

Sweet potatoes are a good source of dietary fiber, high in Vitamin A & C, and are a great source of potassium.  

Sweet potatoes are also pretty veratile.  Sweet Potato fries have become pretty popular on restaurant menus, but they are also great chunked and roasted, boiled and mashed, or grated and added to soups.  

I have one particular memory of sweet potatoes and I have never duplicated the recipe.  Maybe this Thanksgiving is the year to make this very special dish.  When I was little, my grandmother would boil and mash sweet potatoes.  She would then cut oranges in half and scoop out the flesh to make orange peel “bowls.”  She would then spoon the mashed sweet potatoes (probably with some orange zest, salt and pepper, and milk to make it creamy) into the orange peel bowls and bake in a casserole dish.  At the very end she would top each sweet potato bowl with marshmallows and return to the oven until they were golden brown and crispy.  This was a typical dish at our Thanksgiving meal, and it added a bright color to the dinner table.  

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