Whatcha Munchin’, Katy? Garlic Scapes



garlic scapes

Katy enjoys cooking with garlic scapes this time of year.  They are very versitle and an excellent spring/summer vegetable to experiment with.  Katy likes to grill the garlic scapes to give them a little char and a deeper flavor.  Toss the scapes in olive oil and salt and pepper when still hot.  After they cool you can freeze them too for future dishes.  

Try making a pesto or sauteeing with other vegetables.  A number of our customers enjoy pickling them as well.  

To store garlic scapes, keep them in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator, ideally in a plastic bag to keep them hydrated.  They will keep about 2 weeks.

The part of the scape that you want to use its the long base or stem of the garlic scape.  The pointed and unopened flower head at one end of the scape is the part that you do not want to use.  You can use it if you really want; it will just have a strong bitter flavor.  

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