October Baking Challenge: Fail!

After the last newsletter, and being motivated by Dave’s apple recommendations, I decided that it would be a fun challenge to bake a new apple treat every week in October and share my experiences with you.  Well, here we are in the middle of October, and I’ve only baked once.  Challenge Fail!  🙂  But read on and I’ll tell you what I cooked up.

It is going to be a chilly weekend!  Bundle up when you come to market!  We’ll have all of the items you need to make warm and delicious soups.  I just packed up the leeks for market, and they are looking especially fantastic.  Have you tried our  Goat Cheese & Leek Tart recipe yet?  It’s one of Sidney’s favorites. We’ll also have fresh pulled carrots back at market.  Just remember to bundle up!

Goat Cheese Leek Tart

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