Recipe Review: Apple Gingerbread Cobbler

Some of you may have noticed that we have run out of our recipe books at market.  Not to worry:  we are going to print more, but we have a few edits that we want to make first.  If you have a copy laying around your kitchen, great!  Or you can always go to our website and search for the recipes.

This week I made Apple Gingerbread Cobbler.

I used Cortland apples, but Northern Spy (which is what we’ll be bringing to market this weekend) would work great too.  I chopped them and left on the skins.  I like to think that leaving all that extra fiber and pectin that is tucked in right below the skin makes the cobbler healthier.  It does, right??!  The skin is thin enough that when it is cooked, you barely notice it.
I love gingery molasses-y cookies.  The spicier the better.  If you like that same kind of spice, I’d encourage you to increase the spices that you use.  I used full-flavor molasses, so I was timid to add extra spice.  Next time I might add some ground ginger to the apples as they are stewing, and add some more to the cobbler batter as well.  I’ve never tried baking with fresh baby ginger.  That might be the way to go to really get that spice and heat.

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