Whatcha Munchin’, Sidney & Anthony?

AnthonyWhatchaMunchinSidneyWhatchMunchinThese two are two peas in a pod.
They were both asked “Whatcha Munchin’?” separately, and both responded simply with no embellishment, “yellow nectarines.”  (I think they were both hot and tired; I did ask them right before lunch.)
We had a fabulous variety earlier in the season called “Avalon.”  They were a smaller nectarine, but they were absolutely beautiful and the flavor was spectacular.  We just started harvesting them this year, and we are excited to have them in our nectarine line-up.  Another variety which we picked for the first time this year is “Nectafest.”  And we’ll have our classic and all-time favorite “Red Gold” coming in later in the season.

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