Whatcha Munchin’, A Whole Lotta People? Apples!

 Whole Lotta



There are so many market employees who enjoy munching on apples.  And since it is the first weekend in October, it just seemed appropriate to feature apples as this week’s “Whatcha Munchin.'”

Lindsey likes to eat her apples sliced and smeared with peanut butter or baked.

There were a number of market employees who’s favorite is Honeycrisp or Ambrosia.

And Scott says “Apples remind me of late summer and cool weather in fall.  Ambrosia, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Northern Spy, and Pink Lady are my favorites for snacking and making desserts.  We love our desserts, like apple brandy bread pudding, apple crisp bars and pie, apple crumb cake, and apple tart, but especially apple pancake that is oven-baked in a cast-iron skillet!  Warm apples with baked brie is also great, as well as apples and walnuts in a fresh garden salad.”


GalaBin 1000 x 750

Is anyone else out there drooling?!  Here’s the recipe for Scott’s Apple Pancake that is baked in a cast-iron skillet.  It’s amazing!

This week we are bringing 10 varieties of apples to market, and that’s not even close to our full potential.  Next week, we will probably be bringing 12 varieties, and then before the end of market, we will be bringing close to 15 varieties.  We like switching out our apples; so we’ll usually bring a variety for two weeks or so, and then we’ll bring a new one.  So there’s always a new apple variety to try at market!  New apples for this week:  Nittany and Suncrisp.

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