Whatcha Munchin’, Peachy?

There are so many employees that love Kuhn Orchards peaches that it would be impossible to fit them all in the picture.  But we’ll highlight what a few folks say about our peaches.


Sandy likes to make peach pie.  She has a recipe that makes 4 pot-pie sized pies.  She’ll bake one and then freeze the other three to enjoy during the winter.  Sandy also just made us a fresh batch of Peach Jam, so keep an eye out for it at market!

Chris likes to eat her peaches on cereal and baked in a cobbler.

Morgan says that our peaches are extremely juicy and flavorful.  She enjoys eating them fresh or in a cobbler or pie.

Nathan and Dave are two peas in a pod because they like to eat sliced peaches on vanilla ice cream.

Caleb has the privilege to be out in the field and will eat them fresh off the tree.

Diane enjoys eating the peaches fresh out-of-hand.

Sarah says Kuhn Orchards peaches are “duh…the Best!”  She’ll peel, chop and freeze them for smoothies.



And here’s a personal side story.  If you haven’t gathered from the newsletters yet, I’m not a member of the family.  But my mom is a gardener and enjoys patronizing the local orchards around my parents’ home in Maryland.  She bought peaches from an orchard and said “They were okay.  But they weren’t great.”  She purchased peaches from another farm market and said “They just weren’t what I was expecting.”  I get tired of hearing her comment when fruit doesn’t meet her expectations.  So, I went home for a visit last Sunday and took her a crate of Bounty Peaches.  She called me the next day and raved about them.  My father even commented how juicy and flavorful they are.  Lucky for you, you can eat Kuhn Orchards peaches each and every week.

And guess what…we’re bringing the Bounty Peaches to market.  They are large, juicy and beyond flavorful and sweet!

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