Whatcha Muchin’ Dave? Crimson Topaz!

Dave’s munching Crimson Topaz AND applesauce!

Crimson Topaz is a new apple variety that we are growing and Dave thinks highly of it.  Dave’s usual go-to-apple is Braeburn, which is a sweet-tart apple with a really hard flesh.  And that’s why he likes the Crimson Topaz.  It has a firm flesh and with a not too sweet-not too tart flavor.

Crimson Topaz600

Dave LOVES applesauce.  He will eat it with every meal, and a big bowl of it too.  He especially likes it with ham.  Mary Margaret has said a couple of times “I’m finished making applesauce this year.”  And then a week later, she’ll say “Will you save a bushel of culls for me?  I need to make some applesauce.”  What happened to the applesauce you already made?!  Apparently, Dave will eat most of the applesauce, practically before it goes in the freezer!


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