Whatcha Munchin’, Katy? Radishes!

Until recently, I hated radishes.  My mom has a picture in her office of me in pre-school trying a radish.  I have a puckered mouth and grotesque look on my face.  Since then radishes have never been appealing.


I never understood the appeal of radishes when folks bought them at market.  And they would rave about them as I tallied up their produce.

When I was preparing the radishes for market one day, there was one lone radish in the bottom of the bucket that had popped off their greens.  “Welp, that one can’t go,” I thought, “What the heck?”  With a shrug, I took a bite.  It was airy and light yet with a fantastic crunchy texture.  And the peppery flavor was bold and dynamic, but not too intense.

Now, whenever there is a lone radish in the bottom of the bucket, a smile crosses my face.

I have yet to take any home and add them to our dinner meal.  I’m not quite sure if Mark will be too enthused.  So for now I will keep munching on lone radishes at work.  But I bet we could have a fun time letting our 7 month old son suck on one and take funny pictures…


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