Year-Round Farmers Market

Kuhn Orchards attends the Palisades Farmers Market which is open year-round on Sundays from 9am until 1pm.  The market is located on 48th Place, NW, adjacent to the Safeway.  Street parking is available for customers along MacArthur Boulevard, other neighborhood streets, and at the CVS Parking Lot on U Street.


The Palisades Farmers Market is a producer only farmers market, meaning that all items sold, must be grown or produced by the vendor.  Kuhn Orchards will have all of their delicious crisp & juicy apples, veggies, cider, and more at the farmers market each and every Sunday!

You can anticipate seeing other vendors at the market too:

Garner’s Produce
Spriggs Delight Farm
Salsa Las Glorias
Cold Country Salmon
Patisserie Poupon
Groff’s Content Farm
Amore Gelato

And more!!

There are also seasonal vendors, such as All Things Olive and Cavanna Pasta.

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