CSA Box 12/22/13 – Nittany Apples & More

This week CSA members will enjoy….

Stayman apples



Appearance:  Dark red skin, large size apple, white flesh

Flavor Profile:  Firm and juicy with a mildly tart and rich flavor.

Uses:  Great all-purpose apple: eaten fresh or used for pies, sauce, baked etc.  

Nittany apples



Appearance:  Red skin with a yellow background, slightly oblong in shape.
Flavor Profile:  Sweet-tart flavor with a crispy texture.
Uses:  Great for snacking, baking, salads and sauces.

Asian Pears



Asian pears have russeted brown/copper skin and are sweet, crunchy to the bite and amazingly juicy. Unlike other pears, they do not soften when ripe but retain their crispness. Eat fresh as a snack, or slice on a salad (the flesh does not brown when cut!) We’ve had several customers mention that they pair well with blue cheese and crackers!




A long cream-colored root with a pungent flavor. Stirred into a paste with vinegar, finely grated horseradish is an incomparable finish for roast beef and cocktail sauce.

To prepare: Peel and dice horseradish root and place in a food processor. Process until finely chopped, add salt, then pour in vinegar until the mixture is of a spreadable consistency. Will keep for several months in the fridge.



White Sweet Potatoes



Red and Yellow onions


red and yellow onions

Hydroponic Lettuce 





carrots b

Dried Apples 



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