CSA Box: 12/7/2013 – Copra Onions & More

This week CSA members will enjoy….

Honeycrisp apples



Appearance:  Red blushed, with a creamy yellow background color
Flavor Profile:  Blended sweet-tart flavor.  Exceptionally juicy and crunchy.  Our most popular apple.
Uses:  Honeycrisp is best eaten fresh out of hand, or chopped for salads.  Some of our customers enjoy adding a Honeycrisp apple to a pie for a little bit of natural sweetness.  

Gala apples



Appearance:  Yellow background color with a light red stripped blush.
Flavor Profile:  Very sweet and flavorful.
Uses:  Best eaten fresh out of hand or in salads.
Who’s Favorite:  Kids!  Gala tend to be on the small side and they are perfect for the lunch box.  You’ll be sure that not much apple will be wasted since they are the perfect size and quickly/easily consumed. 

Bartlett Pears


Bartlett2 600px

Yellow skinned pears with a slightly soft flesh when fully ripe.  Sweet flavor with a smooth texture.  Excellent for eating fresh, poached or baked.  







Copra onions



Butternut squash



And another vegetable….yet to be determined!!

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