CSA Box 2/1/2014 – Stayman apples & more

This week CSA members will enjoy….

Stayman apples


Appearance:  Dark red skin, large sized apple, white flesh.
Flavor Profile:  Firm and juicy with a mildly tart and rich flavor.
Uses:  Great all-purpose apple:  eaten fresh or used for pies, sauce, baked, etc.


Mutsu apples



Appearance:  Greenish-yellow skin.  Very large apples
Flavor Profile:  Super sweet and juicy.
Uses:  Excellent eaten fresh, especially as a dessert apple – slice and share with friends!  Mary Margaret says it’s also a very good frying apple, as you don’t need to add a lot of sugar because it’s naturally sweet.

Bag of Dried Apples



White Potatoes



Asian Pears



Asian pears have russeted brown/copper skin and are sweet, crunchy to the bite and amazingly juicy. Unlike other pears, they do not soften when ripe but retain their crispness. Eat fresh as a snack, or slice on a salad (the flesh does not brown when cut!) We’ve had several customers mention that they pair well with blue cheese and crackers!

Canned Peaches in a Light Syrup


Canned peaches

These peaches are from a neighbor’s orchard, and are nearly as delicious as our own might be. Unfortunately, the peaches we delivered to the processor this past summer never made it into the jars. We think they might have made some tasty deer food!

Head of Cabbage 

Dozen Eggs

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