Whatcha Munchin’, Sidney? Heirloom Pumpkins!



Winter Squash, Pie Pumpkins, and Heirloom Pumpkins!

Kuhn Orchards grows a variety of Winter Squash:  Butternut, Kabocha, Acorn and Delicata.  Sidney especially likes Kabocha 
squash.  She’ll hollow out the seed cavity and smear with butter and brown sugar.  Then bake in a pan with a little bit of water.  She and Anthony just scoop the flesh right out of the shell to eat.



Check out a previous blog on how to roast a winter squash.

We also grow “Sugar Pie Pumpkins” which are a small to medium round pumpkin.  You may look at Sugar Pie Pumpkin and think they are a traditional jack-o-lantern pumpkin, but in fact, they are edible!  

We also grow some awesome heirloom pumpkins like Pink or Blue Banana, Golden Hubbard, Sweet Meat, Speckled Hound, Boston Marrow and New York Cheese.  We have a crib sheet of our edible vs. non-edible pumpkins, so ask a Kuhn Orchards Market Employee for help selecting an edible pumpkin or squash from our wide array of varieties!



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