Whatcha Munchin’, Sandy? Gooseberries!


Sandy enjoys eating gooseberries fresh because she likes their tart flavor.  Gooseberries are also excellent made into jam.  Or try making a sauce, adding some honey and topping it on vanilla bean ice cream.

Here are some more Gooseberry Recipes.

Our production of gooseberries has really increased this year, and they are sweeter this year (but still have a kicky tartness).  Are they sweeter because of the cooler summer temperatures?  The cold winter we had?  Are we fertilizing them more?  Maybe.

We think the reason the gooseberries are sweeter this year because Elizabeth, one of our crew supervisors, is very picky about what gets picked and what stays on the bush!  Since they hang a few days longer, their skin has gotten much darker and the sugars have developed well.

If you haven’t tried gooseberries you should definitely take advantage of our gooseberry and currant special this weekend!

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